For the Garden

Model live steam railways in the garden can provide enjoyment for the whole family and for visitors.

 Coal fired live steam models in Gauge 5” and Gauge 7 ¼” provide powerful passenger hauling locomotives. Each locomotive in this gauge has just as much detail as the locomotives in the smaller gauges. Each locomotive requires a driver  who can develop some basic driving skills. The driver is actually on or  immediately behind the locomotive and can feel the torque and power of the locomotive as the locomotive copes with changes in gradients on the trackwork and traverses pointwork to move in another direction other any other changes in driving conditions. 

The driver needs to balance the level and condition of the fire in the firebox, the level of the water in the boiler  with the load being hauled.Locomotives in these gauges can run on elevated track or ground level track. Locomotives in the 7 ¼”Gauge are generally run at ground level. Track layouts are usually of a simple design depending upon the size of the land being used.

Gauge 3, to run on 2 ½” gauge track, provides excellent models fired by gas ceramic burner or by coal. These models can be radio controlled and provide a realistic working noise and require sound operating practices. Locomotives and rolling stock in this gauge can run on raised or ground level track and are generally used for the scenic non-passenger carrying railway. Simple railway trackwork is usually used owing to the distance  travelled  and the radii of the curves used.

Gauge1 enables gas ceramic burner or coal fired models to run on an elevated or ground level  scenic trackwork.. The operator can construct a complex and comprehensive railway line containing scale sized marshalling yards, scale sized stations and items of architectural interest.     Locomotives fitted with radio control can be controlled from a distance well away from the actual locomotive and its carriages and help create the illusion of a self controlled autonomous railway.