AMRA Liverpool Exhibition 2018

We did not attend last year owing to illness but many people were pleased to see us back again this year. We added some special prices to some models and have decided to carry one of the special prices through to the NWGR C38

The NSWGR C38 can now be purchased for $4600. A NSWGR C38 performed excellently on the 'Rails in the Garden Track' with full forward and reverse either manually or with radio control. Also, we will be making changes to the price of some other selected models at the Great Southern Steam Up in early November. We have a special liveried Black Five with LMS on the tender. Please contact us for additional information in advance of the Great Southern Steam Up

BR 4MT 5"

We have made considerable input into the design of the boiler of this model. We are confident of this model's success in sales and we wanted to ensure that the boiler meets the standards of the Australian Boiler Code. Please contact me if you wish to order this model.