Latest News 19th December 2018

BR 4MT 5”

I have received some photos of the latest completed coal fired 5” Gauge BR 4MT in green livery. The locomotive is also available in the black livery.

The image looks stunning and we shall have several of these models to examine just shortly in the new year. Please check  the locomotive section for the photo and please contact me on the website telephone number  (03 9725 7560) or e-mail ( for further particulars. We have yet to upgrade the technical specification details  and will do so after we have  received the locomotives. Price is expected to be AUSD13000

‘Duchess’ 1/32 scale  45mm track

Bowande never stands still. The new ‘Duchess’ streamlined and un-streamlined  models will be released in June 2019 and will be available in LMS maroon, BR Green and Garter Blue. More details will be posted on this website as the information becomes available. Please note that the models will be available to those customers who actually order the model. A deposit will be required. More about these models in the new year. Price is expected to be AUSD6850. Please contact me either by e-mail or telephone if you have an interest in one of these models.  Check out the photographs of the Gauge 1 locomotive section on this website.