Our Locomotives

It is quite exciting the way that Bowande has extended its range of live steam locomotives and rolling stock. Each model built to very high standards and specializing in the ceramic burner appears to have its own special feature peculiar to that model in 1/32scale. The A4 has the vertical screw driven reversing lever;the BR 41 has the remote controlled whistle; the eccentric  Falky has the special cylinder on the boiler  next to a large cog and the muscular C38 has a powerful working headlamp, dart secured firebox door (un-streamlined) and realistic power assisted reverser. The powerful working working headlamp and tail lamp on the QJ also impress.

The larger gauges: Gauge 3, 5” and 7 ¼” clearly demonstrate  how powerful a model steam locomotive can be. The sharp bark of the exhaust of the scenic Gauge 3 model compares favourably to the larger Gauge 5” and 7 ¼” locomotives. However, the larger passenger hauling Gauge 5” and Gauge 7/14”allow the driver to move very close to the seat of the action as the respective locomotives respond to the driver’s management of the fire, steam, pressure, water level and oil.